Wednesday, July 30, 2014

6 months

I'm so late on writing this because truly you are a handful as of lately. You aren't crawling or anything just yet, but all you want to do is move move move! Keeping me on my toes for sure. This month you:

- Started eating pretty much every meal with us. For the most part that's three decent solid meals a day.

- You are weaning off of me, and boy.. I didn't think I would be sad. Breaking your momma's heart!
-You have a new favorite food. It's tomatoes.. I'm sorry, but whose child are you?

- You are now 15lbs and 26 inches

- We tried out the whole sippy cup thing, and for the most part you've got it down. 

- Your food list that you have tried has more on it now than I can count on both hands. I'm happy to say you aren't a very picky eater.

- You aren't really into potatoes and green peppers though.

- One of your favorite things to do is go to the park and swing. 

- Baby wearing is a new normal for us. Since you are weaning, I'm enjoying this new closeness.

- Your laugh is getting more and more full every day. 

- You can sit up unassisted in the "tripod" position for a few minutes at a time now.

- I swear crawling is coming quickly. You like to do mini push-ups while scooting your legs up.. I think we are in trouble!

- You get to sit up in the high chairs I'm restaraunts now. It makes for more interesting meals:)
I honestly just can't believe how quickly six months went by. I vividly remember having you, and now you are on to a lot of non newborn things. Ugh, my heart. I am excited though to watch you grow even more. So here's to the next 6 months!


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