Monday, July 28, 2014

Hold You a Little Tighter

Besides my husband, I never knew I could have a best friend like my son. I know they say you cant be your child's friend, but honestly my son truly is one of my best friends. Nowadays, I have been holding onto Jude a little tighter, nursing him a little longer, and truly trying to soak up every moment of our time together. Jude turning 6 months has really done a little number on me. Every time I begin to think that he is 6 months, I think about the day I had him. That day for me is still so vivid. How in the world did 6 months fly by so quickly?? Ahhhh! I know my blog posts have been a bit of a ramble lately, but my mind is all over the place, and its mostly because I feel like I can't keep up with everything going on. For now though, I am just going to savor the moment because time is sort of a beezy when it comes to children.

Oh and we are finally getting this whole "wrapping" thing down... Now to do a legit back carry.

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