Wednesday, September 24, 2014

8 months

This month has been HUGE for you. I truly felt overwhelmed by each new thing you were learning, so I can't imagine how you felt! I can't believe you are already eight months... I say this every month, but seriously, how is time flying like this? You are such a big boy now and four months shy of one year. WHAT?! Your milestones for this month were:

-You learned how to roll from your back to your tummy which means you are now officially mobile. You are a rolling machine, and I sometimes find you in your crib sleeping on your tummy.
-You ate by yourself this month, and now there is no going back... at all. You just keep on eating.
-Speaking of food, you love bread. All of it, but more specifically toast.
-You said Papa!
-Iris is truly becoming one of your best friends.
-You can sit up all the way now all by yourself.
-You are still 15lbs but you grew to 25 inches. Woohoo!
-You had your first laughing fit compliments to your Papa.
I so nervous about how January is coming so soon, because I am not sure how well this mommas heart will take you being one...You truly are the best thing I have done in my life because you bring so much happiness and joy to those around you. You have this amazing laugh and smile that makes everything else melt away. I just love you so much little boy!

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