Thursday, October 23, 2014

9 months

16lbs & 26 inches
My nine month old boy. Goodness. You have now been in the world just as long as you were in the womb. You have learned so many new things in that time that it just blows my mind. This month was no different. I would have to say though, this month was all attitude, or what we like to call "personality" changes.
-You are becoming more and more comfortable with others holding you besides me or papa.
-You threw your first tantrum that ended up with toast being thrown on the floor. That was fun to clean.
-You have toy time every morning where you watch Daniel the Tiger and play with your toys. Very cool for me!
-You coo and talk in your crib in the mornings now more and more instead of crying to get out.
-You can say "Mama", "more", and "papa" now.
-You roll every where
-You are starting to try and crawl, and you are even trying to pull up on everything...
-You have started to eat some meats now, and basically you eat whatever we have for dinner too.
-We pushed your highchair up to the big table now!
-One of your bottom teeth are really trying to push through. Soon!
I am unbelievably proud of you every single day. You make me smile when every thing is going wrong. Thank you for being you baby.
I love you.

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