Monday, October 27, 2014

Etsy/Shop Series: This Little Piggy Moccs

Here we are again, on a consistent basis. What is this? haha. Anyway, today I wanted to talk about a shop called This Little Piggy Moccs
One day I was going through all of Jude's clothes to see what fit, and what did not fit. I was doing the usual clean out to take to Once Upon a Child. You know, usual mom stuff.  While going through his hats I realized he had out grown them all. "Crap." I said because in Nevada it can get really chilly and snowy in the winter. So I hopped on the computer scouring Etsy for the perfect hat. I wanted something that would resemble like Reece's hats (adult like) because I LOVE clothes that are miniature adult. Something that slouched a little because how freaking adorable would that be??
That's when I found This Little Piggy Moccs! Their prices are awesome compared to a lot of Etsy shops and so is shipping! When I received the hat, I was so in love. The quality is great. It is a very soft material, and it stretches nicely. The sizing was a little different though. Jude is almost 9 months and this hat is a 3-6, so keep that in mind if you order. I am so happy with this hat though! Jude wears it almost every day. Not only do they sell hats, they sell cute little moccs and leggings that I have my eye on:)
Take a look!

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