Monday, December 29, 2014

11 months

Eleven months.
You have been in this world for almost a year, and at this point life would be so dull without you. This month your sense of humor has come out, and you make your papa and me laugh daily. Playtime now is an hourly thing and that's where you shine in your personality. Its amazing to watch you twirl things around your hands. Seeing you learn has got to be one of the coolest things I am able to witness as your mommy. You have learned how to finally scoot your body across the floor (hoping crawling comes before 1..). You can say yes, momma, papa, no, more, and sometimes you even say your name! Another development this month is learning how to wave! You surprised us all when you waved back at your grandma!
You also experienced your first Christmas this month! This Christmas you got to meet all kinds of new people in Texas, and you became more and more comfortable with other people holding you. A BIG milestone because usually you want either Papa or me to be holding you or in sight of you. So proud of my boy! Also in Texas you gained a pound; finally you are 17 lbs.
Little boy,  I just cant believe you are almost one.

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