Friday, September 11, 2015

New Beginnings

Where did I leave off... Oh right, Jude's first birthday which was almost a year ago. Seriously? Who knew I could take such a long blogging hiatus. We were vlogging for almost that entire time, until we moved to our new home. Here we don't have internet unless we use our hotspot. Hotspots alone were not enough to upload long daily vlogs. So here I am again, blogging. I actually missed this community which is why I gave my blog a face lift (when am I not giving my blog a face lift?).

So, I think I will be back here for good mostly because I need a space for my thoughts, and a place to record our memories. Also, I tend to stick to pictures nowadays instead of videos because HELLO I am the mother to a crazy WALKING toddler. A boy toddler to make things worse. I can't complain though, because he helps me shed the pounds.

Wait... what was that? You wanted an update on our lives? Well if you insist!

As I mentioned before, we moved to California mostly to be closer to family. It has been a life saver for us to have so much family and friends. Not only for rides, babysitting, but we also get to enjoy more hiking and fishing with them too!

We do a lot of this kind of stuff all the time too. Other than that, Reece still works the same job. 2 years! That's some commitment! I recently started nursing school. The Certified Nursing Assistant course if you want to get technical, but this is the first class of many. I have lot of anxiety over it all, and I just can't believe that I am actually going to school. Like Reece always says though, I am like a blood hound after something I want. I believe that's probably pretty accurate.
Other than that, we are just trying to really live out our lives. One adventure after the next. I am glad to be back. Hopefully this post finds you in good spirits!

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