Friday, September 18, 2015

Working Hard on Labor Day

I know Labor day was quite awhile ago, but I really want to get these photos up here on little ole' Housel Happenings. So, you have been warned that this will be a photo heavy post, mostly of Jude climbing rocks like a pro.So, what does the Housel Clan do on Labor day? BBQ? nah. We take fishing trips. Fishing trips where you drive about an hour down a really rocky dirt road, and THEN hike down another mile. The views are totally worth it though.

We spent a lot of time just climbing rocks because apparently that is my 18 month old child's new favorite thing to do. He gave me about 80 grey hairs that day. I was thoroughly impressed by his skill though! I really can't wait to see what he does when he is older! I hope you can sense the amount of sarcasm ^

This kid impresses me every day. I was pretty nervous to let him just do his thing without hovering. I was very close by, so I just decided to see what he could do. He was climbing up and down these rocks like a pro! Funny thing is, he didn't get hurt at all when we were out there. Maybe a bruise or two from a tumble he took, but other than that? Nothing! He waited till we got home that night to slip and bang his head on a metal bed frame... Seriously? Anyway, Reece caught a few fish and I even got out on the lake in the pontoon boat.

We had a really good day besides the bumps and bruises. Oh and the sunburn... Totally worth it though.

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