Monday, October 5, 2015

Meet The Essential

As a LILLEbaby Ambassador, I got to try out this super gorgeous carrier. All the hard work is worth it in this ambassador business;)

So a few months ago I was able to get into an awesome program as an ambassador for LILLEbaby. At first I was just so excited to be a part of these awesome ladies and try out carriers. Little did I know these amazing carrier would become my new obsession. My poor husband is always hearing about the next best carrier that they come out with. Like Pokémon, I've got to catch them all!

Back to the Essential, because that's why we are all here, right? This carrier is a freaking beauty... When I got it out of the box my heart exploded with giddiness, and I immediately sent Reece (Mr.Awesome) a text freaking out. He said "Yay! Now I get to use the black airflow." He gets me.

This carrier is my dream.
So what do I like?

The Bells and Whistles:
-Print. Duh.
-Padding under baby's legs. Pretty cool. I am not sure if the padding is on any of the other carriers because I only have an airflow Lille that is mesh. So, the padding is new to me, and I really appreciate it.
-Big pocket
-Big hood
-Durable (a workhorse)
-100% cotton but not hot at all
- I feel like it fits my short torso better for some reason.
-Low Price point! $89.99

What I miss in this carrier compared to my complete:
-No lumbar support. Honestly though, I think they were trying to keep this carrier at a low price point which is why the lumbar support isn't included. They do sell them separately and your other LILLE lumbar will fit this one. Lumbar is $27 and can be purchased HERE.
-The hood clips on with loops. They are kind of irritating when you are in a rush or when you are standing on a rock with a fishing pole in your hand and trying to hook them. Not a deal breaker for me though :)
-No neck support (I think that's what they are called). I don't mind though because my son always rests on me anyway. He doesn't really like the support snapped up in the airflow.
-4 positions instead of 6. Including no front facing.Again, we only use 2, so it doesn't bother me.
-Lastly, The clips don't have padding under them.

This carrier impressed me for such a low price. It's beautiful a carrier and it will last me a long time. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of my airflow but I love the sturdiness of it. I'd most likely wear the Essential when I am at the grocery store, fairs, farmers market...etc. Airflows are for hiking;)
My real life picture with the LILLEbaby.
I hope all of you are having an amazing day! I hope to check in more soon. Be on the look out for my Airflow post and my comparison posts of the essential and airflow! If you are interested in buying one of these gorgeous carriers you can buy through the link below (through my affiliated link) or go to directly to LILLEbaby .com <------Affiliated link.

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