Monday, September 21, 2015

Etsy/Shop Series: Drooly Scrumptious

I wanted to take a second and talk about this Etsy shop because I am in LOVE with this scarf. We got this scarf last winter, and yes I am just now getting to write out this post. I can't believe in this photo my boy was about to turn one, and now he is almost two! Holy, time flies! Anyway, this is such a great product... and I am not even being sponsored by this shop. Let's just say, last year this warm and soft scarf was worn by my son on the daily. It's STILL so soft! They come in many different prints and are so durable. Want to know something else super cool? My son can STILL wear it this winter. The length of these scarves are perfect, and make it easy to wear more than just one winter.
Go check her out HERE because not only does she have scarves, there are awesome bibs too!

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