Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Update 7/18/12 Mercury Hall

Man, so much has been going on! Between both of our jobs, getting ready to move to Texas (woot!), our ministry, and the wedding, we have had little to no time to write a blog about our life!
First of all, We are moving to Texas in 3 weeks! Everything is going pretty well with all of that. We are just getting together all the money for the drive down, and first month rent. We are super blessed to both have jobs here that make money. I've found a nanny job in Texas already, and I am super excited to meet the family! They seem so lovely. Reece is still on the hunt, but we have a few leads for work.
In other wedding news, which is why I know you all read this;) We sent off the check for our wedding planner, April, which it is such a blessing to have to not carry the burden of having to do all the ground work while doing everything else we are doing.  She found a place called Mercury Hall, which is a place we were previously looking at and had fallen in love with. She got them to waive a few fees, but we are still looking at a 800 dollar deposit (300 refundable), which we could pay, but just not upfront like they want it. If anyone wants to contribute, and we pay you back, be our guest:) Other than that, moving is our main focus right now, but in a short 3 weeks, we will be back on the wedding track:D Above are some pictures of Mercury Hall. Here is the link if you want to look at Mercury Hall

Oh, and here are some countdowns till the next two big events in our life:)

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