Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Self conscious

I'm not going to lie. I am really self conscious of my blog. I see everyone else with such pretty blogs, and I am seriously at loss for how to do it. I don't always post happy, nice blogs, because.. that's not my life honestly. 

But for the pretty part.. Teach me your ways.. please.


  1. :) sweet girl. you just got to let your creative juices flow! adding pictures to post can do a lot. you might also want to look into having someone to design your blog for you! some people are expensive but have a great portfolio - others are cheaper because they are just starting out! but I recommend it because they can do all the html formatting and you can tell them what you want and what you want the feel to be.

    the most important thing is not comparing. I can always find "better" blogs but I need to keep my blog true to myself and enjoy my blog for just being mine!

  2. good pictures. color. less clutter. mine's usually got a decent bit of color to the sides. but lately, i've been wanting simpler. when you choose for simpler, then your photos really have to have something snazzy to them.