Friday, March 29, 2013

The new look

So, I just updated everything on the blog. Holy crap it took a long time too. I am very proud of it, so if you like it, or think of anything I should do, let me know!
Also I am no longer a no-reply blogger! Yay! You can now email me back!

To the four new followers(only followers) Thank you for following, and reading my nonsense. I usually just blog to help my anxiety. Also, your comments and such actually are helping with my anxiety/depression. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Besides exercising  sleeping, blogging, and domestic chores.. I have been doing absolutely nothing all day since The Mr. started his job. I usually hate being alone, and I get super depressed, but lately.. I haven't minded it. I just kind of mosey through my day. It's been nice, and my anxiety has gone down.

Speaking of exercising or just weight in general, I have been so frustrated because I am already on this weird plateau. Which is so unfair because I've only just begun. Oh well, I am going to cycle tomorrow. If I push really hard, maybe I'll lose at least one pound. (I hope to lose two because then I will be in the 150's)

What is your way of getting through a plateau?

P.S Is it normal to be watching LOTR, doing laundry, and starving at 1:15AM? I mean.. is that just me or?

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  1. For busting a plateau I sometimes eat a really big meal and then work out like crazy the next day so my body freaks out. LOL.