Thursday, April 18, 2013

Apartment series:Bedroom

So I know it sounds silly, and maybe I should wait till we are buying a house to do this, but I cannot tell you how excited I am to get back into a place of our own. Even if it is an apartment.

So, my idea is that I would really get it right this time, not just slap things up on the wall because I can't stand blank walls. I want to take my time, getting little things along the way to make our place our own. After all, we WILL be staying the whole contract of this lease this time. (woops on the others.)

I am just ready to settle a little, and make things look right. So, I will be doing an apartment series of random bits of inspiration I find. Today's will be the bedroom.

I really like that head board with our bed set we already have.. I love it too much. 
or This bed if my husband would be willing to make it..
It's only $70 dollars in supplies!

and something simple like this for bed side tables. Maybe not white. A pop of color:)
and something like this except not that blue.. or blue at all. Probably just sanded down and stained.

I intend on searching high and low for awesome craigslist do overs. I want to make this look good on a budget!

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