Wednesday, April 24, 2013


So those of you that follow me, or actually know me, know that I have been wanting to experiment with henna. Although, you can't really "experiment" with henna, because once it's there.. it's there. Which I am cool with because I adore red hair/red tones.
I didn't use toffee, I used Burgundy, but this was the brand I used. I do understand that this is not straight henna, but this does have other natural things to make the "burgundy" tone of red. I would recommend this brand to anyone who is a wuss (like me), and doesn't want to go straight for pure Henna. Next time, I am going to buy online, and get straight henna.

I say, DO do your homework on henna. There are a lot of blogs out there explaining henna application, but if you go with this brand, it will not be the same as other brands. Because henna is very meticulous  and has to be applied/mixed in the right way, just make sure you look it all up.

This brand basically just needs to be dumped in a bowl, and mixed with water. I read hot water helps the color come out more, so I used hot water. You don't have to wait around like other henna's. (Usually you would need to let the mix sit at least 3 hours, but preferably overnight.)

So, here is mine right after I mixed.
 (via Instagram. Follow me!)

I basically then took the little brush thing, which I recommend for your roots, and applied all around my roots.  After the roots were done, I started using my hands, with gloves! I applied all over. Except.. not really because I didn't have enough.. luckily I already have reddish hair. So, if you have long hair, like past your shoulders, and you want to use this brand, you need to get two boxes.

Then, you look like this.

If, and WHEN, you do your homework, you will read that most people leave henna in all day, or over night. This brand says to leave it in for 30 minutes. I was a bit confused, so in fear of doing something crazy, I left it in for an hour. I felt like that was a happy medium. Next time though, I will leave it in all day. After I waited an hour, I hopped in the shower and washed it all out. Don't freak out if it feels weird. Mine felt a little dry and.. mushy. Which then I freaked out because I've had my hair feel "mushy" before, and that's because I over processed my hair by bleaching it twice in one day. Whoops.. Let's just say I like to experiment. My poor hair. ANYWAY, I just used a lot of conditioner. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT. 

Then I just brushed it out, and dried it. It's so softttttt, and shiny. I feel like it's stronger as well.

I believe I will never go back to harsh chemical hair dyes.  
Not only does this give me the color I've always desired, 
but it makes my hair shiny, and stronger than before.
Yay, for getting back to organic things.
More on that decision on another post.
I HIGHLY recommend henna .

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