Thursday, April 25, 2013

Love story; Part 1

I've been reading all these absolutely adorable posts about how people met there significant other, so I decided to try it out, seeing as my husband and I have quite the story.

It pretty much all started because of this.
Yup, thanks to my clumsy self, I met my husband. 

Now because I broke my leg, I had to sit around for about 4 months. Literally doing nothing. I started feeling really down and depressed. I didn't really talk to/hangout with anyone all day, everyday, so one night I decided to download this stupid app on my Iphone. It was one of those chat apps. I am not even sure what it's called now. 

Anyway, I was in this chat room, and this one guy was being completely horrible to me. I mean Class A d-bag. Sorry, but true story. While that was happening, Mr.awesome (Husband) messaged me saying,
"Just so you know, not all guys are like that."

I believe my heart went crazy. He was so cute, and I was so happy that he messaged me. I had actually checked his profile before, but didn't want to say anything. 

We talked all night, and he finally asked for my number....

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