Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cbiji Collection

I am so happy I got this in the mail! I won a giveaway where I got these two pieces from Cbiji Collection. I absolutely love them. They are both super light weight, which for a girl like me, is a must. I tend to walk a lot in town, and I hate when I am wearing a piece of jewelry that is heavy. I sometimes don't even realize I am wearing these pieces! They are so cute and simple. Hmm sounds like me? All cockiness aside, I love these pieces, and definitely would recommend this shop if you like simple, elegant, lightweight jewelry. 
You can check her out here.

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  1. Hi Haley! I'm so glad you like the two pieces! The lotus charm necklace is one of my favourite pieces of all time! :)

    When you style these, please #cbijicollection so I can see how lovely they look on you! :)

    Newest follower!