Friday, May 24, 2013

Looking up around these parts.

  • So happy I got my lovely Cbiji Collection pieces in the mail! It really did make my day. I am in love.
  • I love cooking, and my husband LOVED the Buffalo Chicken pasta I made. I got the recipe from Wifessionals here
  • I absolutely am loving all the flowers that are popping up every where. BEAUTIFUL colors. I mean, I did put this on instagram with a filter, but that flower really is that color.
  • I picked a really bright yellow flower by a fire hydrant today. Hope it wasn't peed on! I probably looked like a weirdo picking a flower in the middle of town, but I've really been trying to be in the moment and enjoy the little things. Plus, my face looks a lot thinner, and that makes me really happy.
  • This is the home we are looking at. We really think we are going to move in there. I am picking up a part time job so we can feel a little more comfortable financially. Plus, we really should open up a savings. Hello new carrrrr!
  • And I am really feeling good about myself. I feel thinner, and who knew that a good bra could make you look thinner.
Well, on that note, things are looking up around these parts. 

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