Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New OpportunityDay in the life.

Before I get to the May Challenge, I just wanted to let every one know that I am now offering ad's and button swaps! I am aware that I don't have a ton of followers, but I would really love it if someone gave me a chance and did a button swap with me:) I love meeting new people, and I feel like this is a good opportunity


Day 15, Wednesday: A Day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day - this could be "a photo an hour" if you'd like)

Well, I was a bad blogger, and didn't read this topic before hand, so this isn't a typical day per say. It is a day that does happen frequently though. 

  • Typically we do end up going to the Frosty and getting shakes and curly fries. MMM so bad for you.
  • We sat by the Sand pond and ate lunch. I love Nor Cal because of that reason. You could just go anywhere to eat lunch, and it most likely will be beautiful.
  • We walked over to Lower Sardine lake from the Sand pond, and took a look at the Sierra Buttes. yes, its spelled like a butt... it bothers me too.  It's seriously a spectacular view. I think this weekend we are going to climb the trail to the top. I am excited.
  • Then we drove over to Frazier falls. We walked the trail all the way to the end, and marveled at the 125 feet waterfall. We decided we needed to be closer, so we kinda took a very dangerous hike off the beaten track. I mean.. loose rocks, no path, close to your death hike. Plus, I was wearing flats.. Stupid, I know.
  • But when you get to the bottom, there is just something about sitting on a huge flat rock with mist on your face, roaring water splashing, and the wind blowing. I can't even explain the awe I was in.. So worth the dangerous hike. 
  • We hiked back up, which almost even scarier, and I had a huge anxiety attack in the middle because it was nothing but loose rocks, and not much brush to hold onto. I cried. Don't judge. 
  • We got back up to the actual trail, and I said, "What the heck is in my shorts??" I had been trying to pull a thorn or something out of my shorts pretty much the whole time when we were down at the bottom and then all the way up. I pulled my shorts, and a rock fell out. A ROCK. How the heck it stayed in my shorts that long seriously beats me. Needless to say, I kept it:)
  • We then drove home, but not before stopping at the store for a diet coke. My reward for not quitting and facing my fear of heights. My husband never ceases to amaze me with his love for me.
  • Then we ate dinner with the in-laws.
  • Currently blogging, and watching harry potter. Most likely going to crash in about......... zzzzzz

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