Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Whiney, emotional, hungry,pregnant lady.

Is it wrong/pathetic that I am already moaning and groaning about not being around family and friends during this pregnancy?

I have no friends in this town that truly understand me, or shall I just say... I have no friends? Because that's more truthful to say. No one who is in my age group that is married. No pregnant friends. No mommy friends. Speaking of mommies...I don't have mine. Even though she irritates me, and can be a little much at times, it sucks to not have her around.

I desperately miss my best friend Abbe as well. Our relationship has gotten harder because texting/messaging/phone calls just aren't the same as being able to drive down the road and walk in her door. I miss having someone who actually got excited about going to Michaels/Hobby Lobby, or someone I could completely relate to. 
I am freaked out by the fact that baby showers will be awkward because I won't actually KNOW the people there. Even though I am completely appreciative towards my MOH for helping me get to know people around my husband's small town, I still... just feel uncomfortable. I don't know. Am I weird for thinking about how uncomfortable I will be when random strangers will be trying to touch my belly? All because they knew my husband since he was a baby?
I guess its a bit whiney, but this is the first time in my life that I have been completely uncomfortable with just jumping into something I'm not used to. Well, two things, Being pregnant, and being pregnant in a place where I have no familiarity. I hope that I can really connect with some people at church. Maybe that will ease my homesick pains and uneasiness.
Also, why is it that EVERYTHING I crave not in the West? I mean Chick-fil-a, Whataburger, Kolaches, Abbe's delicious cakes/cupcakes... So not fair. I literally would do anything for any of the above. 


Signing off as a whiney, emotional, and hungry pregnant lady.


  1. Trust me even when you know the people coming up to touch your belly its awkward! i hated that! and when people would ask how far along i am idk why that irriated me so much but it did! and it is not whinny at all! it is important to have love and support around you while your pregnant its a big time in your life and you want to share it with the ones you love! I really hope things start looking up so you can enjoy this time it is an amazing and beautiful gift and it only gets better! Love reading your blog!

    1. Lol,Ya I bet it's still going to weird with people I know, but idk... the thought of strangers really freak me out. Plus, my doctor told me I have to stay away from anyone with a rash because something in my blood work. All I heard was, "BE PARANOID OF FREAKS WITH RASHES." AKA all strangers lol. I'm also really glad no one has asked me how far I am because I was already chubby before, and I feel like I look more like 20 weeks rather than 12... Even though I've lost 15 lbs already from nausea.

      Maybe we should have moved to Baytown. I miss you friend. You are so encouraging and supportive!

  2. Get involved with a MOPS group or something like that. When I moved back to the Woodlands I was in the same boat and I joined the MOPS group at fellowship of the woodlands and it was phenomenal and I'm still friends with those women 7 years and one move back to Austin later.

  3. I agree I heard a lot about MOPs from other moms. But since you have found a new church I would say get plugged into a small group. Find one that has mommies and babies I guarantee you will fit right in and gain a wonderful community.