Monday, August 5, 2013

12 weeks. My lime.

12 weeks:
Hello there my little lime,
My nausea has slowed down a bit this week, but my insomnia has not. You keep me up till 6AM most nights. It's okay though because every symptom I have helps ease my fears and lets me know you are okay. We heard your heart beat on Monday, and the doctor said that you sounded great! After going to the doctor, daddy and I went to the beach at Lake Tahoe. We had a lot of fun, and can't wait to bring you there some day!

The rest of the week was very slow for us, and mostly you and I just laid around, watched Netflix, and cuddled/played with kitty Gemma. I hope you two get along! Also, I've had tons of cravings this week; I wanted Popeye's red beans and rice and diet coke which I actually got to eat. My other cravings such as Whataburger and Chickfila were sadly not fulfilled. Sad face. You are becoming so real to us, and we have started cleaning out things we don't need to prepare for you. You are so very loved, and I can't believe in two days you will be a second trimester baby. SECOND TRIMESTER! So amazing.
I love you Baby H. You already have my heart.

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Facebook Status 12 weeks: Doctor's appointment, strong heartbeat, first time at Lake Tahoe, nausea fading, insomnia strikes, and one week closer to second trimester.

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