Friday, August 9, 2013

Cha Cha Changes.

So, I have mentioned before that I have been going Pinterest happy and creating everything I can because well... I am nesting like a crazy person. I thought I would share some of the things I have been doing.

I started a gallery wall in our hallway because I really didn't like what I had, which was a string with some pictures clothes pinned to it. It was alright, but I really love the gallery look. So, I FINALLY framed our marriage license. I have been meaning to do that since we got married. Bad domestic housewife! Next to that is an H I made out of the cardboard from a hot pocket box and twine. This one really was all creativity. I was really surprised on how it came out. Under that is a picture of my husband and I, of course. Then an empty frame with the clothespin look. Then finally under that, I made two prints. One is a scripture and the other says, "First comes love" When we started dating, and "then comes marriage" our wedding date "Then comes.." I wanted to put the whole "Then comes a baby in the baby carriage", but obviously we don't have a due date so sad face... I am really pleased on how it came out. When we have the baby pictures and stuff like that, I intend on adding on to the wall.
In the kitchen, which has been one of my main places I've wanted to re-do, I made a few things to update. I can't even tell you how good it feels to have our apartment coming together. Pretty much now every room has a "look". Anyway, I painted those three paintings, and it took a REALLY long time. Well, longer than I thought they would. I got inspiration from Pinterest of course. I replaced another painting I had up there for these. I already had a sort of color scheme going on, (red, grey, white, and sort of tan color) so I went with that. The second picture is a conversion chart printable I found. I just made it smaller, matted it on top of some tan construction paper, hot glued a magnet to the back. There you go, an awesome conversion chart magnet that I can now put either on my fridge or even my oven for when I am really getting my cook on. I also put a command strip up on the side of my fridge to hang my cute pot holder that match so perfectly. Basically, I now love to just waltz into my kitchen now just to admire all the cute matching things.

I love my kitchen, my bathroom, and my hallway. Now, to add a few more things to my living room. Mostly I just need something to put above my fireplace. I am thinking something like this;


I want to take a bunch of nature shots, and put them on here. I also think it would be super cute to have for the holidays. I could interchange the nature shots with holiday prints/Christmas cards.

We added this above our bed instead of the painting. It makes everything more personal. Really ties it all together. It was really cheap! $22 for the frame and $3.54 for the print! That's right $3.54

The only change I'd have for our bedroom is to have a clean closet, and for our baby corner to be there. I won't start decorating that yet because it's way too soon, but don't get me wrong... I have been so tempted.

I am sorry this post is so long, but I love all the changes in this house!


  1. Cuuuuuute decor! I hope you do that clothes pin picture idea. I've never seen it before but that it's so freakin' cute!

  2. You are so crafty! I love the pictures you painted in the kitchen and the gallery wall, I think homemade touches really mean the most:)

  3. I love all that you are doing. You are super creative. I would love to see you paint more and more. I am a fan of your work. :-)