Monday, August 12, 2013

A peach

Hey there my peach,

My PEACH! You are already growing so fast, and I can definitely tell you're going to be a big baby. It's already so hard to get up by myself now. This could be because I am a first time mommy, and I am not used to such a cute little thing like you growing and taking up space in my body. I'll make it through because I've got your papa, and let me tell you, he has been awesome. This week I consumed so many corn dogs and mustard. It was crazy how much I NEEDED those two items. Besides having that craving, I realized the new Steak and shake was open, so of course I needed to go there too.

We had a house warming party that grandma and grandpa threw for us, and it was so much fun! We told a lot of people for the first time about you, and they were already really excited to meet you. Not only did we get gifts that night, we also picked out a puppy from Aunt Kelsey's dog's litter. The puppy looks like a bear, so we might name her something like that. She is so sweet and cuddly. You will love her!

Our little apartment is pretty much all ready for your baby stuff to start flooding in, and Papa and I discussed going and getting you some warm clothes for when you are a newborn. February can be cold here! I am so excited to start seeing your little things in our home.

You and I got a new doctor this week as well, and I get to see you on the ultrasound the 28th! This truly makes me so happy because the last time I got to see you was at 8 weeks. You were such a tiny little thing! At 16 weeks, (when my next app is) we might get to see if you are a boy or girl. Mostly I just want to see that cute face of yours.

We love you peach. I hope you know that.


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Facebook Status 13 weeks; Insomnia at night, Sleepiness during the day, lots of corn dogs/mustard consumed, new doctor in NV, counting down the days to see baby H again. We went to our housewarming party which was awesome, and we also picked out a puppy which we will get in 3 weeks!

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  1. congratulations!!! what a sweet letter! i'm so glad I wrote letters and can't wait to read them to my daughter someday!