Wednesday, August 14, 2013

No sadness for summer going away

I keep reading over and over again how people are dreading the summer to be over. How they will miss the BBQ's, the lazy days, the weather, etc. While reading these posts, I am literally sitting behind my screen saying, "...but why?" I have been praying for this dreadful season to be over! The heat makes everything impossible to do where I live.

I say... take me to the days where leaves are different colors. Where Cherry pies are acceptable to bake and eat all of it (even when they look like a two year old made it). Where turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and green beans are just as acceptable as that cherry pie. Where sitting outside on your porch with a mug of something hot (hot cocoa, tea, coffee) makes for a perfect evening. Take me to the days where I get to celebrate the first year of my marriage. To the days where I will have a cute pregnancy belly. Picture a pregnant lady in winter clothes... My husband keeps saying how cute that will be.
To the days where bundling up is an option, more like not not an option. Where days spent snuggling up and watching Netflix is no longer consider lazy, but a thing you do. I love snow (not on roads, but everywhere else is awesome!) I absolutely can't wait to hear the snow crunching under my snow boots. To see the Northern Cali mountains covered in white powder because in my opinion they are way prettier covered in snow.
To see this again. To feel the crisp clean air.
To get way too excited way too early about decorating for Christmas. To make my husband help me put everything up while watching Christmas movies. To keep up with our tradition and get two new ornaments for ourselves, one for kitty, and one for baby.

And to meet baby H. Take me to those days because I will gladly drift into them without one drop of sadness that summer is gone.


  1. Please take me with you into those days. I am so ready for the seasons to change!!