Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Part one: The dreaded first trimester.

In the three months I have been pregnant, there are things I have learned about this whole growing life inside of you thing. Every trimester I want to post a list like this because I am sure 6 months from now I will be hysterically laughing at all the silly things I listed. Seeing as of a few days ago I am now in the second trimester, I thought it would be a good time to do this.
  • Nesting is real, and it will hit you full force.
  • Pinterest becomes a real problem because crafting becomes a thing. Not just a thing... A serious problem. Hi, I am Haley, and I am a craft addict.
  • You will have that one craving that is constant. It never changes. Mine? Orange Gatorade. We are always stocked.
  • Other than your main craving, your mind will change on food every day... One day it's kolaches, and the next it's red beans and rice from Popeye's.
  • Half the time you talk about your pregnancy its because you are just way too excited, and half because honestly nothing else is happening in your life.
  • You begin to realize that the reveal excitement does wear off after a few days when it comes to other people, and they DO get annoyed of you talking about it.
  • Becoming obsessed with what your baby is doing that week: growing, moving, getting reflexes, etc, will happen. You will check your baby app ALL THE TIME.
  • Insomnia will occur, but so will early mornings for some reason.
  • You will ask the man in your life to do everything. Mostly because lifting anything, getting up, or moving in general becomes a hassle.
  • You will hate peeing more than you already do.
  • Also, sneezing becomes your worst enemy.
  • Always ALWAYS listen to your body, because if don't eat the second your body says you are hungry, you might pay for it with yellow throw up.
  • Heat is not an option. If it is summer time, forget having a tan because going outside will not be a hobby of yours any longer.
  • If you were a nice/patient person before, be ready to not recognize yourself when you encounter stupid people at Wal mart. You might even say rude things.
  • The couch always is where you end up because its the only place that is comfortable now.

This list made me hungry. It's also 2 AM. Joys of pregnancy.

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