Monday, September 2, 2013

When your baby is an avocado.

Dear baby avocado,
This week has been so much fun with you! Grandma and I got to see you on Tuesday. Finally! I haven't been able to see my little babe in two months. That's just too long. Even thought you were such a modest little baby and wouldn't show mommy what you are, I am just happy that you are healthy. You were perfect and growing right on schedule. I've been feeling so much better and cooking up a storm of new things. Papa loves this part of me being pregnant. It makes me want to cook and clean like crazy. We also got our pup this week. Her name is Iris! She is an amazing little puppy and a great addition to our little family. She is actually preparing us for you! She's been keeping us up most nights because she cries a lot.
We went to the Rib cook off this weekend with Grandma and Grandpa, and you were fine with it at first, but then the heat/ constant walking started getting to be a bit too much. So after we ate some yummy food we headed home.
Good news from this week is that I swore I felt you move this morning! I am looking forward to feeling you move around more in the coming weeks.
Ah! I am just so excited. You are becoming more and more real every day.
I loveeee you!
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Facebook Status Week 16; Saw Baby H at my new doctor, starting paying for our surgeon that will deliver Baby H. (OMG), Craved A LOT of In-and-Out, Baby H is growing like crazy, swore I felt a little baby flutter, and we got our new puppy Iris!
Also, I am having to write out the weeks differently because I am running out of room!


  1. This is too sweet! Glad baby H is doing well.

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