Monday, September 23, 2013


We took Iris to the dog park/marina for the first time the other day. She pretty much had to be carried the whole way when we were walking on the path because she was so tired and hot. Mr. Awesome is getting lots of preparation for the baby. He always carries Iris like a baby.  When we finally got to the dog park, she just laid there in the shade. What a bum. So we ended up walking to the other side of the marina. By that time, this momma needed some rest.
So, we got snow cones, and enjoyed the rest of the hour before church. I honestly can't express the amount of joy I have in having a family. I never was one to enjoy slow days. I never liked to hang out with just one person for hours on end. I was always going here and there with this person and that person. Now, there is nothing better than a day with family.

I honestly didn't put any value in family before now. I know that sounds horrible, but I came from a broken home. No one really treated each other like family. Now, family is everything. I feel so blessed from my Heavenly Father for providing me with such an amazing family, and also for His guidance in helping me realize just how important they are.

This pregnant lady definitely loves snow cones.

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