Sunday, September 22, 2013

My mango

Dear little mango, or shall I say, Baby Jude

So much has happened this week, and it makes you so real. We went to see you on Thursday on the ultrasound. This was your big appointment to see if you are growing right and all that. You were so wiggly the whole time, and you didn't want to move your little hand away from your mouth. The ultrasound tech just kept laughing and saying you were silly. We also found out that you are a boy. A boy! I've known that for awhile, but it was nice to get it confirmed. Now, you are our little baby Jude. It's so cute because I'll sing the song to you, and you kick and kick. That makes me feel more connected to you. Speaking of your kicks. They aren't full on kicks, but I know that's what you're doing because it doesn't feel like anything I've ever felt before. I love it though.

We went to Target after your ultrasound and picked out two outfits for you, and let me just say, it is so strange (in a good way) to see little tiny clothes hanging up in our closet. I know I keep saying " you are becoming so real", but it's true... this is really happening, and we have all the evidence to prove it now.

I can't believe how big you are... that you are kicking, that you are sucking your little thumb, that you have clothes now, and a name. Papa and I have been waiting and praying for you.. for a very long time, and now you are real.

You, Papa, Gemma, and Iris are my world, and we are a family.

I love you so much more than I ever thought I could love anyone or anything on the earth besides Papa.


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Facebook Status Week 19; All the excitement was built up for Thursday (today) where we found out we were having a baby boy! I didn't crave much besides In-and- Out, and I haven't felt him kick yet. Or atleast not very hard. Which is weird because the whole hour we were in the ultrasound he was wiggling like crazy. Just like when he was 8 weeks old, and the doctor told us we had a wiggly peanut. Oh, and it was cold enough outside today to wear a long sleeve! Oh happy day!

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