Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I've talked about Mr. Awesome and I getting a puppy for awhile now, and finally this week we got our puppy! We picked her out of a litter that our friend's dog had, and it was so hard to choose. They were mutts so they all had unique looks.

Without further delay,

I introduce the newest member of our family.

She's super spunky, and loves messing with the cat. ALL THE TIME. The cat likes messing right back though. She is successfully pottying on the puppy pad at night and outside when we take her out.

She sleeps a lot too, but for some reason its mostly in the day time. She stays awake a lot during the nights and cries a lot. Needless to say Mr. Awesome and I are exhausted, but know that this little puppy is nothing compared to a baby. Preparation!

We absolutely adore her, and are so happy she's apart of our small family. She's definitely added a little more sunshine to our small little home. She photographs well too, doesn't she?

No fur baby post would be complete on Housel without some Gemma the cat pictures right?

She was on the lookout for puppy. She is just so beautiful! I have beautiful babies don't I?

Oh and I took this photo of Mr. Awesome, and I just can't get over how handsome he is. I am going to put that picture here because well.. I cant help it.

Those eyes..

I love my family so much! On February 12th our little family will get even bigger, and our little home will be even brighter. I can't wait!

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