Monday, September 9, 2013


"So when Iʼm drowning out at sea
And all your breakers and your waves crash down on me
Iʼll recall your safety scheme
Youʼre the one who made the waves
And your Son went out to suffer in my place
And to show me that Iʼm safe
Why am I down?
Why so disturbed?
I am satisfied in you"
Taking a moment to reflect today.
The artist that wrote this says:
"The song begins by following closely to Psalm 42 singing, “As the deer pants for water so my soul thirsts for you.” The second verse then dives more into my personal response to the Psalm. A lot of times my tendency is to go into a depression looking into myself which only spirals me further down.
The song is meant to preach to myself and call me to remember the times when I experienced the glory and goodness of God which can help bounce me out of that vicious cycle. It’s meant to get my eyes off of me and be satisfied in God alone.”

I can so relate to his inner down spiral, and his almost desperate attempts to find an answer to the spiral.
That a Son was sent for me, yet I am STILL in a deep depression for no reason some days.

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