Monday, September 30, 2013

Snapshots without pictures

I'm aware I only really talk about Jude now here on this blog, but I honestly can't help it. This pregnancy seriously has consumed me because I am still in shock that this is my life right now. Also, lets face it, this is about the most exciting news in our small little Housel world right now.  Well, the only news that has photos to go with it, and we all know how weird bloggers are about having a photo in a post. So, here are some of Jude cause he is just super cute.
Look at that little foot and profile! My son sucks his thumb too if you didn't notice.
Also, I decided to put this together since I am halfway through my pregnancy. I was thinking to myself, "wow, I love how I look!" Then I realized... I am only halfway, and Jude has SO MUCH more growing to do... I am expecting to be huge.

Other things in our world that don't have photos;
  • We started our membership class at church. Officially planting ourselves somewhere. It's been almost a year. It feels really good.
  • The weather in Nevada/NorCal have been absolutely amazing.
  • Iris has learned to be okay with her kennel/sleep through the night. She still sometimes tinkles in the house, but she has gotten way better at telling us she needs to go out.
  • Jude has some items in our closet now! We are really gearing up to prepare for him now. My mother-in- law and I always see cute things for him while we are out. Also my mom has been making him so many blankets. I am very excited to receive them.
  • Mr. Awesome and I have really been trying to get out more. Especially with actual people.
  • I can feel us being closer than we have ever been. My love for my husband could never be fully explained. Especially when he rubs my tummy at night and says how much he loves Jude.
Our life is quaint. That makes me smile for some reason.

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  1. Aww it's the simple things that mean so much. Congrats on finding a church you love and becoming members. This will open doors for you to find some mommy friends if they have a small group. I can't wait to head more about it.