Friday, September 27, 2013

Dear my not so little one,

Hey there my not-so little one,

You are seriously... so big. I know you will only get bigger, but man, a banana? That's how long you are! This week I have definitely had moments with you where I KNOW you are kicking and moving around. It always catches me by surprise. Especially when Papa and I were at a party with a bunch of people from church on Thursday. It was really loud with music and chatter. You were kicking me like crazy. I am not sure if that meant you liked it or not. Papa and I always joke about how you are a little Michael Jackson cause you feel like you're dancing. Grandma and I went to the doctor again this week on Wednesday, and the doctor said she went over all your ultrasound photos. She confirmed that you were growing right on track and had no defects. I have to say, my mind was put to ease when she said that. My little Jude. So perfect. With every week, every doctor appointment, I fall more in love with you. I become more and more attached. Which is slightly scary, I must admit.

Papa and I have really been trying to get super pumped up about everything because like I said getting attached is really scary for us. We've been gearing up to buy you things and register (hopefully we get to do that next week). Grandma Christopher (my mommy) is going to buy your dresser soon, and I am way excited about filling it with all your little things.

In twenty weeks roughly, I will be able to meet you and hold you! Papa and I are really excited to meet you. As if I don't say it enough, I love you so much!


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Facebook Status Week 20; Halfway there! Not many real cravings this week. I mostly just love anything that is called food. lol. We went to the doctor on Wed, and she had looked over all the ultrasound photos. She said Jude looked great, and that everything seemed completely normal. (no  brain, heart, lungs, etc problems.) We also got to buy a few more things for Mr. Jude. I absolutely love having his things in our closet. We are planning to tour the hospital on Sunday too!

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  1. So excited this is moving by more quickly than I could ever have imagined. Praises to God that this little banana is growing healthy and strong.