Sunday, November 3, 2013


We had Thanksgiving dinner at a casino this year which was a first one for me. It was actually pretty nice because there was no prep or clean up, and who doesn't love no clean up? Having family around was also nice because last year, that wasn't the case for me and Mr. Awesome. Talk about sort of depressing.

They had sooooo much food. I mean long lines of just food. This pregnant lady was in heaven! Don't even get me started on the long buffet table of little desserts. I couldn't just pick one. Too bad they didn't have my great grandmother's cherry pie. That would of made this holiday perfect. I ate so much that I had a food baby and a real baby! Jude seemed like he liked it though, because he was quite the wiggle worm after dinner.


I am really happy I spent it with some amazing people that I now call family and some really yummy food. Now onto Christmas!! Yippee!

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