Monday, November 4, 2013

25 weeks

Dear Jude,
This week we had quite a scare because we thought my water had broke, and you were trying to make your way out. Although we are very excited for your arrival, I don't think we are quite ready. It's a good thing that it wasn't my water breaking and just some hormonal spikes. The doctor said you weren't coming out anytime soon, but your movements were impressive! Papa hopes that means you will be into soccer. You really get to moving when I drink apple juice. I'm guessing you like the taste? Also, any up beat music is your favorite. Even when Granddad played Celtic music last night! You loved it.  All your movements have got me day dreaming about you all the time. About how I will hold you, and when you make your entrance into this world. You know what day dreaming about you does to mommy? It makes me nest! Big time! I've been making you things for your wall and it's almost complete. I've just got to finish up your painting, which by the way, has been one of the most detailed/exhausting painting I've ever done. I sit for hours just painting, and then I can't get up! Grandma Housel is bringing a cradle next Wednesday for us to put over in your corner until we get your crib. Get this, that cradle she is bringing is the same one your Papa slept in as a baby too!

It's getting closer and closer baby! We hit the 180 days mark this week which means we are well over the half way mark, and have under 100 days to go!

Can't wait to see your cute face.
I love you.

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Facebook status Week 24; It was a pretty busy week. I got to go to the doctor, and she said Jude sounded perfect. She measured me and said he was growing like he should which is good! I also had my glucose test this week, and I haven't heard anything back so I'm assuming all is well. Things are starting to roll along around here. Started talking to the doc about labor&delivery, and we started putting things up on the wall where Jude's corner will be.

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  1. He's growing and growing just a few months left!! I can't wait to see what he looks like!!