Friday, December 20, 2013

Hobbit Birthday

So as you all know it was Mr. Awesome's 22nd birthday last week, and boy did we celebrate. In our geeky way of course. We spanned it out over a couple of days actually. On his actual birthday we didn't do much because we were scraping the bottom of the money barrel, if you know what I mean. Dumb winter hours are killing us. I did however make him a new recipe I found because I wanted to do something a little special. It really sucks when you are broke as broke can get, and you cant do anything for this amazing person you love so much, right? Anyway, I made jalapeƱo popper chicken, in which you can find the recipe here. He obviously loved it because look at his grin. Oh and well he told me. The recipe is really good, although I really wish there was some way I could bake it instead, because honestly I HATE frying things. Especially chicken. It takes way too long, and my pregnant body can't handle the standing. Also, we don't have a meat thermometer, so I am constantly worried I didn't cook it long enough. I'd rather not kill my husband.

On Saturday we went out with his parents and brother/sister in law which was awesome because of course we love them.
We had yummy Italian food complete with our own desserts. (Every one ended up getting the same thing. We are all way too alike.)
The last thing we ended up doing was actually done on the next Friday. What did we do? Of course, we were super nerds and went and saw The Hobbit!
As you can tell, we were really really excited. We started the evening off at Denny's for their Hobbit menu. It's amazing by the way. I love the "Hobbit hole" breakfast. We then made our way to the theater, which we already had tickets for, so we just walked right in. We saw The Hobbit in 3D XD!
It was amazing! So, ya. That's how this couple gets birthdays done. Nerd style.

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