Monday, December 23, 2013

32 weeks

Hello again my little squash (apparently that's how big you are now!)

You are so big! Poppy seed to a squash? Such a miracle. You also have hair now which I can't wait to see it because it will be all fuzzy and maybe even blonde? Adding to your physical developments, you've also started this dance party routine at night that keeps me awake for awhile. When are you going to invite me? Also, we've started to have little talks about you coming into the world. I am not sure if the kicks you give me are excitement or you saying you aren't ready.

This week started off with Papa and I getting sick. It was absolutely no fun. Papa and I laid around the house all day which was nice, but the coughing, sneezing, and achy bodies was not so nice. I am kind of grateful you couldn't really get our sickness. I am not looking forward to that day when you can though.
You weren't moving much, and it really freaked me out. On Saturday I started having contractions, and Papa and I were really scared you were trying to make your into the world. Luckily we got to the hospital in time. They gave me a shot to stop my contractions and to keep you baking in there.
So, from now on I guess it will be a lot laying down for you and me.

About 7 weeks to go!


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Facebook status 32 weeks; It was a fairly quiet week this week besides being sick. That was until Saturday. After walking around the mall I started feeling really bad pains. I am super paranoid, so we went to the hospital. I was having contractions! Super scary but was caused by yet another UTI. I feel like I drink so much water already, but I guess not enough. They gave me a shot to stop my contractions and antibiotic to fight the infection. Now I was told to start taking it easy, so I didn't get anymore contractions. Ironic that I posted a status about being over pregnancy on Sat, then started contractions the same day! Careful what you wish for right? Jude is still baking though. Now off to the Christmas holidays:)

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