Friday, January 10, 2014

12 AM

  • Why is it almost 1AM, and I can't sleep?
  • Also, why does my child hardly move during the day, but once I am ready to sleep he turns on some rave music in my womb and go wild?
  • He obviously has a 30 day eviction notice slapped on his front door as of 45 minutes ago.
  • I've loved being pregnant, but nights like this make me especially over it.
  • I really want the rest of my blue bunny ice cream that is screaming my name from the freezer. Alas, if I eat it now... I can't eat it tomorrow. That makes me sad.
  • I should really stop drinking Dr.pepper so close to bed time. It makes me more awake...
  • But I love Dr. pepper
  • Note to self: Stop drinking dr. pepper so close to bed time, and don't eat in and out for dinner because it gives you horrible heartburn.
  • When you run out of TUMS... it becomes a problem.
  • Why is the blonde elf ruler guy in the Hobbit such a butt head?
  • Now I am just rambling
  • Seriously though, has it been thirty days yet?

This post means nothing.

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