Monday, January 13, 2014

35 weeks

Oh man, here we are at 35 weeks. Birth plan is ready, a few more items need to be bought for the hospital bags, our car is being put on the market so we can get a better one just for you. It's all happening so so fast.

I would have to say that again, this week went by pretty slow. Seems like the closer we get to your due date the slower time drags on. This momma says boo to that! I did have a breast feeding class this week was actually pretty interesting, and confirmed that that is what I would like to do. Not that you need to know that... or that you care. I suppose by the time you are able to read these letters, you will be a teenage boy or even college boy, and you will think that's gross haha. Anyway, going to that class just made me realize how real all this is, and how incredibly anxious and excited I am to be your momma. I just love you so much, Jude. I will never be able to express the full capacity of how much I love you.

On Wednesday, you really freaked me out because you weren't moving. You shouldn't do that to me because it really causes me anxiety (giving me grey hairs already.) By night time though you were back to raving in my womb. Which you do every night now, and it keeps me awake... If this is any type of sign of how you will be when you're in the big world, I am in for some long nights.
This week came to an end very quickly and with me going nuts with nesting the whole house all over again.

I am not sure of what else I could do to prepare for you.. I have done pretty much everything..
sigh. I am so ready to see you. Basically you could come next week if you really wanted to. 1-4 weeks left!

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Facebook status 35 weeks; Seriously, 35 weeks? I never thought I would see the day. We hit the one month left mark which obviously I was ecstatic about. It was a pretty boring all week besides Jude raving out every night which caused horrible insomnia. We did go to the L&D today because I thought my water had broken, but it was just a fluke :/ She did check to see if I was dilated, and I am now a whole centimeter! So progress my friends is on the horizon. Woohoo!

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