Friday, January 3, 2014

Housel holiday

Our Christmas was very quaint, just like last year's Christmas. We are about 2000 miles from my family, so they sent gifts early. Those were opened Christmas eve.
On Christmas day we hopped the border to California. Have I mentioned how much I absolutely love that drive?

We got there a little bit earlier than the rest of the family, so it was a lot of sitting and waiting. The waiting and sitting was actually really nice because of the day we had on Christmas Eve. ( I won't even go into that.) When the family got there, we of course ate. Nothing gourmet, but delicious never the less. After dinner was present time! Of course Papa was Santa. It was so awesome to see the faces of my niece and nephew. Is it a sign of growing up to find joy in childrens happiness rather then focusing on what you're getting for Christmas?

Mama and Papa had a huge, beautiful tree. It just added to the spirit as we opened gifts; all the lights sparkling, and the ornaments perfectly hung. We told stories, talked about our Savior, and shared many laughs. By the end of it all it was almost 10pm. We started our hour drive home, and by the time our heads hit the pillow, we fell asleep. In a way, I am kind of okay with Christmas being over. I guess I am just ready to see my baby:)

I hope you had a wonderful, spirit filled Christmas!

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