Monday, January 6, 2014

34 weeks

Hey baby!

My anxiousness is intensifying with each week! So much so that I actually started gathering things for my hospital bag. (Yours is already packed besides a few small things.) We even put the holiday decorations up early, which you will come to find out, is not like mommy at all! I am ready to get this house in order for you to come home.
Monday was our doctor appointment, and it was the usual "hey, hello, how are you?" appointment. No news is good news, I suppose. We have one more appointment in two weeks, and then after that we will be seeing Mrs. Doctor weekly. Crazy huh? You could come pretty much at any time by that point.

Tuesday and Wednesday were full of New Years events, like going to Portola and playing games with the Clarks. You will love them, and especially will love little baby Liam. I've already set up friends for you on the outside. Papa and I also went to In-and-Out (again) and went and saw a movie. I really learned my lesson that I can't eat as much as my body wants to because there is not a lot of room left in there! It left me sick, and I couldn't really enjoy the movie (that ended up being three hours!) I guess I should just enjoy these times Papa and I can catch a movie on the fly because with you here, that will be impossible. haha.
We had our birthing class on Saturday, and my brain is stuffed to the brim now with information on having you. I left the class very confident and determined about having you naturally. For some reason epidurals and all that jazz really freak me out. So, that's my goal. Will I stick to that goal? We shall see. Hopefully I am not a chicken. I also started to list out things for your birth plan, and it's making your existence so much more real. To say that I am anxious is an understatement. When we got home afterwards, I had enough energy to pack so more stuff into my bag, and I ordered your coming home outfit!
All in all it was a pretty good week.
3-6 more weeks!!

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Facebook status 34 weeks; I had a routine Dr. appointment. It can get old, but no news is good news. My next appointment I'll hopefully get an ultrasound and see if I am dilated/effaced any. I wouldn't be bummed if I was;) I feel like this week I've suddenly popped even more. I feel huge! We also had our birthing class (which you probably have read already) and I am more confident than ever about giving birth. 3-6 weeks left.

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