Wednesday, March 5, 2014

When the grandparents come to town

2/19- My parent's flight was due to come in around 1p.m, so Reece and I were running around like crazy trying to get everything ready. I was so nervous when we were waiting on them to come down the escalator at the airport. It had been a whole year since I had seen anyone from back home. Immediately we began joking/talking like no time had passed. I love that about my parents. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to see their faces. We went back to their hotel, and they just snuggled and loved on Jude until it was dinner time. We ended up going to Briscola which is where Reece and I had our anniversary dinner.


2/20-  This day was full of shopping for little mister. He was spoiled with lots of clothes. I figured my parents would enjoy Midtown Reno, which is awesome btw. We ended up going to this super hip place to eat lunch. I mean we drank out of mason jars. It was delicious! We all had different types of hamburgers. I had lamb, and goodness it was delicious. After the long day we all ended up at the hotel for a nap before going out to Genghis grill with Reece's parents. Man, all we did was eat!

2/21- The following day we decided to go to Virginia City, which I have spoken about many times here on the blog. If you haven't been, and you are in Reno, you should make the 30 minute drive. It's an awesome one. We walked around VC, and besides having to take out time to nurse, it was pretty awesome. Wish I had my Moby carrier when we did this, and I could of nursed while carrying! Oh well. We got lots of chocolate and candy for the rode also. They have fabulous ole timey candy shops there too. Again after that we did a little shopping for Jude at Babies R Us. Little man is so spoiled by his grandparents. That's normal though. We ended up back at the hotel just to hangout.
That was the end sadly because they left the next day after we ate at Buffalo wild wings for lunch. I did cry if you were wondering. I had a wonderful time, and I was really sad to see the time slip by so fast. I absolutely can't wait to see them again. Possibly.. Christmas time?

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