Monday, August 25, 2014

7 months

Oh Jude,
I am writing this the day after your 7 month mark because honestly when I stared at the blank page every time I tried to write something. I can't believe how much you have grown right before my eyes. It's so bittersweet. When I grabbed you from your crib this morning, all the sudden you just felt... big. You aren't my newborn anymore, and instead I carry a smart, funny, sweet, little boy in my arms. Enough of the sap I guess, here are the facts of this month:
  • You are sitting up on your own now, and you don't even really tripod much unless you are being lazy or are sleepy.
  • You have tried more food than I count on my fingers, and your meals now are pretty diverse. The main new thing you tried this month was cheese... You loved it.
  • You are quite the wiggle worm now too. Every time we are anywhere all you ever want to do is look around.
  • You have taken to the Ring sling a lot more lately which is super nice.
  • When I set you on the floor, you don't quite crawl, but you have started this whole scooting thing. You get where you want, it just takes longer.
  • You gained a pound and an inch this month making you 16lbs and 26 inches.
  • Your laugh is getting bigger and bigger. Also, I found your tickle spot... armpits.
  • You will randomly say "Dada"... never on command, and always random.
  • You talk now and squeal ALOT.
I love you... so much.

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