Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Love Story; Part 5

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So skip forward two months to June 30th.
My birthday was nearing, and I knew he was planning on taking me to Chicago because I had never been there during the day. Impromptu 3a.m trips don't count.

So, anyway, we made the trip to a city near Chicago. We FINALLY got to our hotel after a ton of traffic. Then after we got settled, we went downstairs to figure out when the train was going to Chicago. Woop! Then we headed to the train and waited for awhile. Then alas, we were headed to Chicago.We did all the usual touristy stuff, but the most important of them all was navy pier. Mind you, this whole time I just had this feeling! You know, like "he definitely is going to pop the question. HE HAS TO!" I literally waited around all day.. and then, I just gave up. I officially was at loss for what was going on. With every hour, my hopes of being Future Mrs. Housel by the end of the night, dwindled down to nothing. Fun Fact: He was going to purpose at the bean, which is that weird mirror thing. He chickened out because he hadn't anticipated so many people. We don't like big scenes.

We had been walking around all day, and we finally ended up on navy pier which I was really excited about because there was rides... I like rides, and water.. I very much like water. Anyway, we walked through this kids museum because we knew there were bathrooms there, and he said he had to pee. TMI, but that's what happens when my husband gets nervous, he has to pee. So, I finished up before him, and walked out to this little secluded dock. I was looking at the sun setting behind the buildings, and was being a weirdo, ooohing and ahhhing. He finally came out of the bathroom while I was taking this picture.

So, as soon as I was done taking the picture, I started heading for the rides, but he said he had to fix something with his shoe. I mean, come on.. haha. Anyway, being the impatient person that I am, I turned away because I REALLY wanted to ride rides, and mind you, I thought it wasn't happening at this point. As I look back, there he is on one knee, and all he said was, "Will you marry me?" I just replied with a hurried, "Yes! Now get up!" Again, dislike of big scenes coming into play here. After that we just went and rode rides and eat deep dish pizza. I love our relationship.
Fun Fact#2; Since my husband likes to wear skinny jeans mostly, he couldn't put my ring box in his pocket. So, my ring was in his pocket all day. He said afterwards that he was so nervous he would accidentally pull it out when trying to get something else. I now realize how much he was checking his pockets. haha.

Engagement photos next..

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  1. What a cute proposal and a beautiful ring! You are a blessed lady!