Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Hey there little bean err.. Papaya,

You aren't so little anymore. I would know because I have been feeling you kick like crazy. I mean really hard kicks. Even Papa got to feel you kick once, and he was so excited. I can tell you really like the music in church as well because you dance like crazy when they are playing. I absolutely love it! Other than kicking, you have started to be able to hear, and so I have been singing your "song" a lot. It makes my heart full to know I will be able to sing that to you and kiss your little forehead in a few months!

Not much happened this week besides Papa and I took maternity photos. They are so cute! Mostly because of you.

I love you so so so much Jude..


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Facebook status Week 22; This was quite the stressful week, and this momma had to really try and distress because no one wants pre-term labor, do they? Not many cravings, but I am constantly thirsty! Also, I've been using a heating pad like it's a religion because of my major side pains. It's all worth it because Reece Housel got to feel Jude kick this week!

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