Wednesday, November 13, 2013

26 weeks

Hey there little one,
This past week was pretty slow on the outside, even though you were developing a lot inside! You're over a foot long now and almost two pounds. Those two pounds feel like 15 to me. You keep pushing up on the top of my tummy. Feels like you're going into my chest!

Papa and I celebrated one full year of marriage this week as well, and I could tell you really enjoyed the dessert we had because you were kicking up a storm. That was the major event that happened this week, but I know I should just enjoy it because the coming weeks are going to be very fast paced. We've got baby showers to look forward to, packages to receive (your diaper bag, high chair, etc.), and the holidays to celebrate. Then you come!

I absolutely can't believe you will be here in three months. I used to be really scared because I wasn't sure on how to be your mommy, but now my fear has really been taken over by excitement. Soon I will be able to hold you, and all this nesting will have a purpose.

I am so excited!

love you like always,

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Facebook status Week 26; This week was pretty slow baby wise. Jude mostly has been rolling around like crazy, and he feels like he is moving up towards my chest. He's been causing lots of hip/back pain. Boo! Reece and I celebrated our one year anniversary on Friday by going to the GSR and going to a fancy restaurant. Jude enjoyed the dessert:p 2 more weeks till my third trimester!

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