Tuesday, November 19, 2013

27 weeks

Hey little mister!

This week was pretty busy! We received lots of little gifts for you like your high chair and diaper bag! Both were from your grandpa (my dad) and Laura. I put together the high chair, and its so cool to see that addition to our table. A table set for three definitely makes my heart sing. We've moved around a lot of things in this little apartment of ours to make room for you because you really only have 10-14 weeks of baking left. Goodness! I am so excited to see your little face!

We will be checking in with the doctor today, and then after this appointment we will be seeing her a lot more because we are starting our two week appointments! Along with that and our baby shower being this week, you turn into a third trimester baby!

So keep baking in there baby. We love you


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Facebook status 27 weeks; This weeks picture was taken in a hurry. Also we moved things around so now Reece Housel has to take all my weekly photos! No more self timer:( Basically this week was full of lots of naps, cleaning, and moving things around to fit the little one into this little apartment of ours. We are finally into the third trimester ( I am a bit late on this photo, and am actually 28 weeks now) I've got a doctor appointment tomorrow, and then I start my two week appointments!

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