Monday, December 9, 2013

30 weeks

My son,
10 more weeks till I get to see you. I absolutely can't believe it.
This week started off with a snow storm, and I was so thankful Papa got to come home before it really got bad. We got to spend all day snuggling up with him, Gemma, and Iris, and of course we watched The Hobbit. Again. Also this week we celebrated Papa's birthday! We didn't do much, but it was still a great day. This is his last birthday without a little rugrat ;)
I was craving In-and-Out like CRAZY this week again. It's not something I've actually craved in a few weeks, but we finally got some on Friday night. It was soooo good, and I think you agreed. It was either that or the Dr. pepper because you were all over the place.

It seems like all our big events revolve around food now which I don't think you mind. Saturday we went out with Grandma and grandpa for Papa's birthday, and it was a lot of fun because we kept trying to get grandma to feel you move. Of course you were a stinker and would move ONLY when she didn't have her hand on my belly.

It's been really cold and snowy around here, and that leaves me with a whole lot of time to just think about you. Who you are going to be, what you will look like, how life is going to be with you here. I am so anxious but kind of scared. I know I will miss being pregnant with you, but you've got to come out sometime right? 63 days until I meet you!

I will always love you,

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Facebook status Week 30; I decided to do a side and front picture this week because the past few weeks look like I haven't gotten any bigger, but I swear I have! He seems to be just stretching out in there making me wider. booo! His movements lately are honestly my favorite part of the day, and they happen all the time! I also feel like my body is really preparing for birth as well because man do my hips hurt as well as some other things. 10 more weeks!

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  1. Beautiful!! I am so excited for you and your husbands. Can't wait to see Jude in 10 weeks.