Monday, December 16, 2013

31 weeks

Hey there baby,

This week started off with a doctor's visit, which is my favorite way to start off a week! Well, only when I am going to a doctor to talk about you anyway. She said the usual stuff. That you were perfect and measuring a little ahead. Which, duh! I can feel that. Also that we get to officially start our two week appointments now! After the appointment I could feel you stretching your little body and rolling over the place. Seems like that's your hobby as of lately. It actually is a bit painful sometimes.
We did a whole lot of nothing this week besides the doctor appointment. It was a lot of walking the dog and watching What Not to Wear. I guess I am just soaking up this time with you before you aren't growing inside of me anymore.
Papa and I did go see the second Hobbit, and I am not sure if it's because your senses are stronger, but you really were moving the whole movie. The sounds were really loud, so it makes sense. I had to hold Papa's hand for awhile because your movements were so sharp. Hopefully that means you will be just as big of a nerd about LOTR and The Hobbit as we are? One can only hope.

Anyway, about 8 more weeks until I see your little face!
I love you

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Facebook status 31 weeks; Yup, mister Jude is starting to really carry more in the front rather than the side. His movements have gotten so strong that they actually make me lose my breath sometimes. Especially when we went to see The Hobbit this weekend. It must of been all the loud sounds or something. I had a doctor appointment this week, and she told me the same ole' same ole', but good news! I am starting my two week appointments now! 57 more days!

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