Monday, January 20, 2014

36 weeks

Man did Monday start this week off as a snore fest. When I say snore fest, I actually mean snoring, as in sleeping. I was so darn tired, and I have no idea why. Papa had to stay late at work, so all you and I did was watch Netflix in bed. It was actually quite nice, and maybe when you are here we will make a habit of random lazy days. The week picked up a little more when Papa and I started to make a deal to get a new car. Its super stressful, but I will be so relieved if we can get this car. All for you little one. That way we won't stress over if you will be safe in your carseat or not.

Wednesday we had an appointment with the doctor, and we did all the usual stuff... What we weren't expecting was an ultrasound! I was so happy to see you again. Of course you were moving and grooving as well as sticking your tongue in and out. Silly boy. The doctor let me know you will probably be a 7-8 lb baby, and can I tell you how relieved that makes me? haha

You gave us a big ole smile too. Man do you look like your papa.

This week I really racked my brain of what else I could actually do to prepare you, and it seems as we are actually pretty prepared minus a few material items. I've scratched off my to do list to death. Now I feel like I am just searching for something to do...
Saturday was our baby shower! It was so wonderful because spending time with family/friends is always wonderful, and we got lots of goodies for you! Including lots of blankets to keep you warm and cute clothes!
We ended the week with getting that new car I spoke about. Your car seat is all ready to go! You can come at any time baby boy.
We love you!

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Facebook status Week 36; This week seemed like it took forever to happen. Although, we did get to go to the doctor. We saw Jude on the ultrasound, and he was growing right on track! She says he should be a 7-8lb baby. We had another baby shower that Marcie Esterby Clark and Kelsey Clark Kreth threw for us. It was a really good time, and we got a lot of good stuff for our little mister. To end the week, we traded our car for our new family car! Car seat is pretty much ready to go now. We just need to get it certified next month at the check point! Starting baby watch next week:)

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